With state-of-the-art equipment, complete knowledge of post-processing, and many years' experience in web design and online marketing, Tactus 360 offers you more than just a photographic service. We can take your product to the next level in Internet publishing.

  • Efficient service
  • Understanding of your needs
  • Web integration and design
  • Post-processing to suit the demands of your business

Virtual Imaging & Photography

 360° x 180° Spherical Panoramic Photography

In order to produce a High-Definition Virtual Image, we will take a series of photographs of your location through 360° x 180°. Our professional photographers use specially adapted tripods and lenses which allow them to capture a complete sphere of the surroundings.


 360° Panoramic Photography

Our experienced photographers can produce beautiful, high-impact panoramic photographs of your buildings for use in marketing material, as still or virtual images on your website, or printed and displayed on your walls. READ ABOUT OUR PRINT OPTIONS.



 Large-Format and Gigapixel Photography

We can provide large format multi-resolution imagery of just about anything, whether it be works of art - absolutely vital for restorers and collectors, architects, or those needing the sorts of detailed images that are impossible even with the best cameras. These are achieved through close telephoto work combined with mozaic stitching and multi-resolution production, allowing the user to zoom into within a half-degree's field of view. Recent work has included the masterful altar at Folldal church in Norway, which is presented with a view ratio of 1:1 (were it printed, it would take in excess of 300 colour print cartridges to output).


 iPhone/iPad and Smartphone output

With the advent of iPhones and iPads, as well as smartphones, viewing virtual tours will be increasingly popular on small-format equipment. With this in mind, we can output your tour to cover a range of differing media. For more information, or to see out smartphone apps, please visit our mobile website at http://tactus360.com/mobile/mobile_index.html from your mobile platform.

 HDR Photography
 hdr comparison

High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR) is a blending of between 5 and 9 photographs of the same aspect to allow both bright and dark areas to be seen with utmost clarity. This makes the images appear as close to reality as possible. For example, where there are windows with bright light coming through, HDR allows us to see not only details outside, but inside too, where a conventional photograph would display these darkly. we use hdr IN ALL OUR images.


 Digital Retouching
 object removal example

Cosmetic work is sometimes necessary on some photographs, for example, where a wall's decoration looks decidedly ungainly, or unwanted objects are in the way which cannot be displaced. With state-of-the-art techniques, we can even go so far as to redecorate a room. There is also an area on the floor known as the "tripod cap" which cannot be captured by the camera. Unlike some photographers who cover these with an image, we remove the tripod cap IN ALL OUR images.


 Logo Integration
 Tripod Cap LOGO example

Although the idea of having a virtual tour is to show your facilities, think of how effective it would be having your organisation's logo appear on the floor when you pan down, or as part of the navigation system, would be. These can be produced as graphics and made linkable - useful for reinforcing your brand image. ALL OUR TOURS INCLUDE FREE LOGO INTEGRATION where needed.


 2D & 3D Floorplans
 2D floorplan
 3D floorplan

Using original architect's drawings or CAD software, we can provide interactive floor plans of your building, with clickable spots linking to each location. When required, these can be rendered in 3D, providing a snappy and dynamic means of navigating through the tour. View our tours of the Aukrust Centre and the abandoned power station for live examples.



For those not wanting to navigate by means of a map and prefer the feeling of a walk-through tour, we can provide graphic hotspots within the panorama that enable the user to move from one image to the next with the click of a mouse.


 Audio & Video
 directional sound
 background music

We can add audio to your 360° VR Tour, either as background music, spoken commentary or directional sound (where the background sound changes depending on the area of the image being looked at). We can also embed a video into your Tour.


 Presentation CD

Your Virtual Tour (or Tours) can be presented on professionally produced CD-ROMs with an elegant interface, including cover design and case if needed.



Web Services

 Website Integration

Our experienced web developers will ensure your tour integrates perfectly into your existing website. You have the option of embedding it as part of a page, or open in a separate window of its own from a link.


 Web & Graphic Design
 (opens a new window)

With a sister company that has been successful for nearly a decade, we can not only integrate your tour perfectly into your existing website, but also provide your with a complete package of a fully-editable website that centres on this valuable aspect of marketing. We can also take care of all your graphic design needs, including logo creation.


 (opens a new window)

In order to view your Virtual Tour or website online it will need to be hosted on a server. If you already have a website you may decide to host your virtual images on your own server. Otherwise, we offer special discounted hosting packages on our own fast, dedicated servers. All our clients receive 1 YEAR FREE HOSTING.


Print Services

 Indoor Prints

Do you want to decorate your home or office walls with a Panoramic Image of one of your buildings, products or your surroundings? Our High-Definition Panoramic photographs can be printed in a variety of formats and at any size. With our printing partners we can have your prints presented on canvas, glossy photo paper, transparent media, even directly onto your walls!


 Large Scale Prints

Our High-Definition Panoramic Images can be produced to virtually any scale and produced on posters, vinyl, banners, scaffold covers, vehicles, etc. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.